Your healthcare network just got a whole world bigger.

At Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire, our members are at the center of what we do. So we’re always searching for new ways to provide you with the best possible care. Now, in partnership with Best in Class Care, we’re excited to share the news: your healthcare network, as you know it, just got a whole world bigger.

What is Best in Class Care?

Best in Class Care is a network of “Centers of Care” in the U.S. and around the world. Each center is carefully selected for it’s standards of quality, safety, and clinical excellence. These providers represent a wide range of specialties; are trained in leading medical schools; and work with the latest tools, technologies, and innovations in medicine.


Providers are carefully selected for their credentials & standards of quality


Emphasis is on patient safety, and using the least invasive care possible


Providers have access to the latest diagnostic tools, therapies, and medicines


Best in Class Care provides a HIPAA-secure, digital platform that makes medical travel easy. It lets you search, compare, and connect to a global network of trusted providers. You can request a remote consult or second opinion if you need help with your diagnosis or care plan. When you’re ready, you can book your procedure, travel dates, airline, and hotel. A 24×7 Concierge Care team works with you through every step of the process.

  • 1. Visit

    Got to and watch the 60-second “How it Works” video

  • 2. Sign Up

    Create a secure, personal account in just minutes

  • 3. Search

    Enter your preferred search criteria to view and learn about your procedure, centers of care and available providers

  • 4. Compare and Select

    Build packages to compare centers of care, providers and destinations and then select the one that most interests you (be sure your selection is marked with a green flag that states “Contact your Health Plan”)

  • 5. Connect and Consult

    Contact Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire to confirm coverage for the procedure with your selected Center of Care and Provider. Then, with the help from the Best in Class Care Care Concierge, connect with the provider via video conference, phone and/or email

  • 6. Book

    Receive assistance from the Best in Class Care Care Concierge to schedule your procedure, travel and accommodations


The Best in Class Care website is free for members of Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire to use. The procedure travel package you choose may be fully covered under Group Health Cooperative. Contact Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire at (715) 552-4300 or (888) 203-7770 to learn more!


To learn more about medical travel, and what procedures and expenses are covered by Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire, call us at 715-552-4300 or 888-203-7770 or fill out the contact form below. Please do not include personal health information in your message as this is not a secure messaging system. We will reach out to you to discuss your condition in more detail.

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